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Related article: Date: Sunday, July 5, 2009 16 06th 56 -0400 From: JW u003cjw1137 hotmail. com u003e Subject: History of Brooke 2 History Brooke - 2 a growth experience With: Jackie Back to school Monday I had a great track after practice lessons. as we have of showers me as an assistant coach heading. "Brooke... to come to me in the office, " she said, and my stomach was in a node n. The last reduction was made for the team, week and it was rare for freshmen for college team. I had the uneasy feeling that Sammy tell me was that I was cut. Assistant Coach Sammy was a great motivator. She has always managed to just is a bit more of you at the time he thought he 'd be there all of you. that so did one of the girls, which explains why we call Sammy n instead of a formal greeting. The relationship that develops with the of members of the track team was more surprising because they were white and most athletic team were African American. Sammy liked me, just like the other girls. She was caring, delighted to be beautiful and yet not hurt anyone's popularity. entered the physical education office, Sammy had a big smile. just the expression that if it was someone who we expect to deliver devastating news. " You have a team! You are the first to turn on the relay team " that s said with such enthusiasm that has me excited, even if the message I'm not excited. kept track of the official school uniform. The shiny tricot was more like a swimsuit that to run a little leg holes are in is cut very high on the sides, above the hip bone. It kind of looked like Wonder Woman costume. Steep flanks of the ' v' of the measure could expose in the groin of the rotor. I thought about how my pubic hair protruding from nest made ​​ the sides of my underwear. I had my normal underwear range much greater than n the uniform that I deserve. Sammy has a worried look on my face has noticed. "What 's going on... Brooke worksed hard for this, I thought you were enthusiastic. " " It is my... uh, my " I made a sweeping motion in front of my n step. Sammy was perplexed for a moment and then, as if a light went, he said, "It is cut down there? To do all the other girls. " I shook my head down and threw my eyes on the ground. My eyes finished it was so embarrassing. Sammy put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a sideways glance to embrace. "Do not worry, it's easy, I can help if you wish. " With his free hand cupped my chin and lifted his head," wants to help me ? " I nodded in silence. " Okay, you're going to take your shower and I will come and help in some minutes. " When I entered the changing room last remnants of my teammates. I the application of limited edition T-shirt on a hanger, plastic and a few I congratulated its output. I hung my profit on my closet door and stripped of my practice clothes. I was washing in the shower, when he came to Sammythe door with terry robe Terri. The coach stopped at the bank where n left my towel. It was something else in his usually friendly expression n when he saw me slowly rotating hot naked under the shower n spray. look very young and cute with her hair piled on her head s in the hands of a loop of hair. The way he looked at me made ​​my skin tingle and I could not stop thinking about what had happened on Friday last week instead of Chris. The memory has to put up with my nipples get hard and the skin and the n shivered under his watchful eye. Sammy set of large zip-lock bag, which had in the bank and without shell undress. My breathing was covered by water splashes. I was so great that I could feel my pussy twitch and move. Her large breasts amazing company with a half- circular dark pink areolas and centers small button. I looked down at the time of her thighs n and I felt a thrill of racing through me when I saw her shaved mound. Sammy pUlled carnal in its fullness and said : " ? I like to see leave just a small program at all... " Dark hair around the folds that protrude inside was spectacular. I know it was my Kiefer, when the coach seems to me, and allover sparkle s still a little screwed. My white teacher turned and stepped into the shower with me, wet down. In his left hand he held a round razor. His right hand began to soap, cut to strictly enforce femininity. It moved a little out of the shower to wash not all soap removed. His hand on her soft foam caressed pubic mound generate. When n looked at his face, I realized that she looked directly at me and use their white teeth, straight to your bottom lip. "I'll do that on one hand, to show you and then you can do the other side practice, " he told me what his plan of teaching. His voice tense, as if it were difficult to get out the words. standing with feet very MEDand sat next to Sammy, a kind of small frog legs. The position even more of its pink interior and exposed my Coochie began to hum. Compared to the extraordinary length of my lips hairdressing skin, Sammy saw slot as reserved and orderly. of his left hand to the belly pulls the skin taut as they are pushed razor over your skin inflamed labia. They made several quick, safe lines in various directions, and then ran the fingers of the left hand over the area shaved stubble check was lost. I thought I heard sigh as he slid his fingers slippery with soap the silky smoothness. " Want to try on the other side ?" She offered, the knife for me. The buzzing in my pussy became a beat, as I sank to the knees. I have applied the knife in his right hand near my groin area coach. rapidly and reaches took my left hand and place the bottom of his belly. "You have to keep the skin taut. " Ordered, positioning holding my hand andg firmly against your stomach. Sammy manipulate my hands to spread the fingers, until finally my the thumb on top of its increase. I could feel the edge of the marshes wet hairs beneath. " This is", he said, obviously pleased with the position. " Then press hard and tighten the skin," he commanded in a hoarse strained tone. The fleshiness of her mons was the pressure of the thumb and felt comb in the company - I knew the root of n press her clitoris. She groaned and moved his hips scared me because I worried because I cut myself. Despite my nervousness, I began to just shave his fall slightly stubbly outer lip as I did with my legs. I took the knife in different way as her. The attempt to maintain plump lips as tightly as possible can be pressed harder with your thumb. I think if you moved slightly movement was random. Could Sammy hear little grunts did not even know the splash and t enjoyedl process. Despite the smell of soap called scent of her arousal, which only added to mine. My teacher was secured and braced against the tiled wall. When I looked up , I saw that to me kneeling between his extension legs. His hands were cupping her breasts firm and full rolled n For the red rubber left. It was the very needy pleading look on his face that he had seen Chris. "I have to check and make sure I did a good job," he told Le run my fingers gently over her swollen womanhood. His eyes actually looked a little glassy and unfocused. "I had the opportunity to consult with my tongue... it is much more sensitive than my finger," expanded your eyes. "Would you, dass.. want to see how mild one with the tongue? " The co- coach bit his lower lip again. The nod was accompanied by a deep groan. " Will I run in the meet next Saturday?" I asked him to pull up vulvaa little firmer. The hand that supposedly razor stubble for review was causing the internal folds, enough of pale pink button that sticks to suspend red nest. " Brooke is an alternative you... so when are the rest of the girls there, and healthy" When I left my hammer toes touch the girl, stopped mid-sentence and shouted. Then I took my hands all of my coach and I sat in my hips. " But I really, really, you just run ", I begged my pouty little girl voice and then licked his lips suggestively. the trunk, face distorting beautiful Sammy was amazing. only hesitated a second before she said : ". Okay, okay, you will find " " That's what I wanted to hear," I replied, a little before the publication of the tongue against its wrinkled folds. The soft wet opened and I felt the heat inside slippery. I pressed treat deeper, the juice back on my tongue and coaxial cable the mouth. I grabbed Sammy is padded hips, fingers interlaced iE n stringy hair soaked. I could feel the softness of her inner lips n packaging around the tongue as it probed and swirled. Nubble company exposed for a moment or two years of rubbing his nose. I could feel the fingers dug coach harder against my scalp, as pushed my tongue up and commit to revolve around her clitoris. Her hips began moving and heavy groan escaped while I was suddenly Gush liquid Preteen Modles on my tongue and then the sweet nectar in your mouth. I started sucking to extract every last drop, while Sammy shook and shuddered n pressed against the wall of white tiles. Finally, pushed my head away, like the stimulation of the n a lot. None of us saw the woman in the shower door - a hand under her skirt and with her other recordings n cell phone. *** Sammy was incredibly quickly removes excess curly black hair cut to my ​​pussy teen. She just dropped the unwanted hair on the floor and let carried away by the drainage of band the showerhead. I wondered me, if I had nothing to do with the drain was clogged so it the week, but until then, had already achieved the use of soap. foaming in what remained of my pubis mark was not sure why it was necessary to for shaving lubricant between my lips and my crack, but is distributed was so wonderful not to complain. You made me lie on the bench and began to bark with her hair. " Just sit back and relax on sugar," he said. I was surprised when I lifted her leg and put it on his shoulder. then it looked to shave ass cheeks apart and gives again. his fingers Black Rose Bud, the shipment was incredible tingling tentacles joy that seemed to be going and coming on me. It was really hard to silence, but I struggled because I was afraid it would cut it me. began to put on the skin around my pussy and moved his lips to each direction. It was like she was massaging my coochie with one hand while cut hair with a disposable razor in the other. For the moment he stopped and sat back to admire his work was so hot my pussy and sharp, it hurt. I was still on the hard bench tried to keep still when the end of the wet towel and wiped the excess of n of soap. My time was so bare that it was very rare, and I could not by the resistance and run my fingers over the silky smooth smooth my pussy. " is Pull open... Honey I left the beautiful pink skin," said Sammy. Preteen Modles I knew that my labia minora were determined yet, although it really feels swollen and painful. Pulling two fingers, as the coach had asked could feel the heat had caused slippery juice massage. My love button protrude from Sammy and I heard sighs, " Oh, my God, what a beautiful clit! " Then his mouth was on me. tongue explores my wrinkles and then came right into my hole. that s hand between the cheeks of my ass again, but this time do not checkling, the fingers right in the middle of my ring wrinkled. Somehow he had n get soap on your finger and turned as he was pressed with a finger or perhaps two inside. The tremendous heat that enveloped my pelvis was a real shock. Before I could get an idea of ​​the new sensation Sammy wrapped his lips around my clit and began licking and sucking. There was an explosion. My hips pushed so hard that I almost made ​​a from the shoulder to foot. Somehow, instead of not only the coach, but took his fingers deep n in my ass and sucked more of my girls - Gallo. Wave after wave of ecstasy completely overwhelmed me, until he was a trembling mass groan the wooden bench. Sammy left a goodbye kiss right at the top of my newfound mound and retired n in the shower is still flowing. When I finally got the in my back was feeling very strange, but nice. We Preteen Modles do the rest and then the coach kissed me gently on the lips gently and left. I felt like I was swimmingn a wonderful dream world. I really could not tell you how I managed to wear. When I walked in the door of the school, I was surprised to see my father 's car in the driveway. When I went to his father 's girlfriend, Julia hat n out. " Hey Brooke," he exclaimed. "His father was worried because they were always so later. He asked me to see what had happened. " " I had a meeting with the coach after practice. " n It was not all a lie. " Oh... what was that meeting, then?" Said Julia, and she had a big smile on reality fun on his face. " You know stuff about the team... I would not say I have team," he said enthusiastically, with my new uniform. " That's great honey, we're very proud of you," he hugged her and felt her big tits s crush on my collarbone. The sensation of her breasts made ​​my vague tingling to start all over again. Julia and I made dinner and my father was very excited about my joining the team. After dinner, we clean while he went to the living room to see TV. N When we finished I lay on my stomach on the floor in front of the TV and I could hear Julia, my father is in a chair behind the n me. Sloppy wet slurping kisses interspersed with moans and groans very disturbing and I was glad when it was decided in the bedroom. Half an hour later I was on n the bathroom that was connected directly go a room of my father. I was very aware of my kitten soft when I down my pants and sat on the toilet. The sounds coming from the next door has my juices flowing again. When I decided to take my panties cleaned immediately. That sounds like Julia and the n of my father actually worked for me, but listening to my father and his girlfriend was fun. I went to the living room and took my TV viewing position on the belly with the head of my s is in my hands. I stood there like 13 years old I was. I found that by rocking the hips and kick my feet cOuld create some not to arouse emotions. The feeling of my pubic hair mound pressing the n in front of my skirt and was on the carpet like new and exciting. was more angry with me in secret, like the show in the small screen, when Julia breezed into the room. Left in the big chair home behind me, Preteen Modles put one foot in the ass and lit a cigarette. as usual, wore short red silk satin dress, little covered in the ass. Interestingly, there was the point of view of her long shapely legs n America or frequent glances in the ass, I go, if she wore was the mantle revelation. It Preteen Modles was long and thick nipples poking at at least an inch against the tissue that made my time in pain. " Your father really made ​​a big load tonight, " Julia too divided. It was not unusual for my father's lover, making lewd remarks to me about make love. I looked over his shoulder as he spoke, and the angle of n ear the floor that has agood visibility below the silk dress. I was surprised fingers Julia stroking his lips swollen and the sticky mess that seemed to be a leak. I lay on my legs, because is the heartbeat of my pussy threatened me groan out loud. that had not been with a man, but I had to Preteen Modles admit that the concept of premature I love it. I took my dad would try, for the shower in the sneak evil again in the bare room a couple of times. I do not think they ever knew. His long black penis and heavy balls and rocking motion while running excited my curiosity. Not that I wanted to take my father s, but his team inspires me. I tried to imagine what his penis looked like all hard and shiny. What have that looks as if his sperm shot out, fly as far as it has done ? What would be knows? What is so hard to stick it feels like inside of me? All these evil thoughts invaded my brain when I turned the TV , but I totally lost track whatwas happening in the show. "I know what was the meeting with the coach again," said Julia significantly. A shiver ran down my back, and I could not stop turning the head in. were in their direction again your fingers to play more than swollen red lips of her sex, and also saw Gooi than before. more stuff had leaked "and, if the wrong people, Do you know what you find, lose his work, and that would be run off the team. " No head was spinning and ball for some reason my ass hole. `How do you know? " " Look, " I invited her and threw her cell Preteen Modles phone. The photo was taken on the small screen in the school shower. That I was kneeling with the face buried between the legs of Sammy. " there is not much more... just press the forward button, if you want to see it. They are very hot, " Julia finally came out as a grunt, and I took a look that panic sank his fingers into the Quim neglected. " Some people may think is the reason I made ​​the team, "he croaked. I wanted to protest, saying that sex was after, but what has that s no matter, she was right ! who see the photos could lead to the that was reversed. " Yuh... You will not show anyone... but it? "I groaned and My heart Preteen Modles was beating. " Now I do not know, " Julia said thoughtfully as she adjusted her position n in the big chair. pulled leg ass and turned it to the padded armrests of the chair. Then he threw another leg on the other arm and hips slid forward. His sticky wide open pussy was just above the eyes No level of my position on the floor. " Your father was a little too fast for me today," he thought, and saw the tendrils slick juices sex between the finger index and pink stretch Jelly Bean at the top of its increase. " Maybe when I finish what he started... and all... maybe clean cum I was talking about, it will keep to myself. " I would ask what ta cumSTED and now it seemed he had no choice -I want to know. I took my 13 year old body to the knees my ​​best to smile, as I slid my hands very soft Julia inner thighs spread. " Take off your dress," he ordered in a guttural sound. supporting the dress just above her head from my delicious coffee let the naked body every time inspection. Her fingers remain in a circular motion button to make a firm tug the hood back and scrape with his long red nails. "Eat me you little bitch sucking. You all know that the seeds that you have done in the n in the first place. " I licked her pussy folds of soft butter lover of my father. is moan and moved her hips like me my way around soaked lips. that was not an expert, however, with two mature cunts tried the difference was immediately evident. The salty and a little vinegar taste does not belong. I knew immediately that my father was ejaculating. by some reason the image of shooting his sperm long black hard member I went through my head, and made me mad. I began to lick and suck like a madwoman. The way my tongue and lips and the head s is moving, the scene was not out of place in the Exorcist. I think I surprised Julia with my enthusiasm. She screamed and spread the above grabbing his coat and pulled her tits mature. managed to roll his eyes again, as I follow the language and sloppy sucking womanhood I made my first clear view of her wrinkled areolas around while she tugged and pulled on the nipples red long. to balance on his left elbow on the seat of the chair slipped embedded my ​​right hand between my legs and stroked with the same ferocity that pussy Julia was given by mouth. I do not know how long it lasted. It could only have been a few minutes, but then he could have stayed much longer. The odor intensity and the like, I like my face in her steaming mashed quagmireBarro and feel my ​​own pussy just baldness in hand fingers and took me to a place , where there is no time. All I knew was that if I felt Julia 's hips to initiate the reaction, grabbed the back of my head, grinding his face in starting and wine my ​​own pussy broke even. Chills and shaking, licking and sucking the torrent s of joy, that my body was broken, and nothing that experienced. I thought the orgasm of my hairdresser had given me was intense, but that was with a different class. I fell down and stayed there and tried to get to grips with all the n had just happened. When I finally got Julia was half sitting, half lying on the knees lustful straddle position. Did little happy meow sounds that made me feel proud of the work I had done so. up my dress and ran into the shower.
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